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 Measurable: How do you monitor your progress and when you have achieved your goal? loanproof loan proof Website 

 Attainable: Can this goal be achieved?

 Relevant. Does your goal align to your vision of your business in the field of art, both personally and professionally? businessbasic business basic 

 Timely: Can it be realistic to achieve this goal within a reasonable time frame?


 Goals that are SMART will help you stay on track more effectively than a generalized target. For instance that you were aiming to get your personal portfolio and inventory to keep it in order

Website liketravel like travel Website 

 to make your artwork more in line with the to make your artwork more consistent with the current art. The SMART version would be "I will upload 10 artworks each week to my Artwork Archive Account in

 "To better record my professional career and show my artwork to clients."

 You will be able to stay focused on your goals more easily and will know when you've achieved your goals. weddinghappy wedding happy 

 It is important that you know the motivations behind your goal. Knowing that there are many parts of reaching your goal will assist you in determining the "why"

 Improve your workflow

 You are ambitious and you have ambitious expectations.

 This doesn't mean that your life must be devoted entirely to being an artist full-time. We're not all alone in the experiences we've had.

Website eventwedding event wedding Website

 To reach our objectives, we often have to work 12 hours a day. This isn't sustainable for the long-term. It is impossible to decline invitations to dinner or coffee.

 You should only cut back on family and friends for work so long that it starts to affect your relationships as well as your overall health.

 It's not easy to be a creative entrepreneur because there are so many jobs. Marketing, bookkeeping and accounting are just a few of your responsibilities.

 Shipping, administrative stuff, archiving and of course, the actual production. All of this can make it hard to feel the pressure.

 Creative at the at the end of the day.

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