Electric cigarette injector-machine TREZO 1000 TURBO 11000 KM

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Electric cigarette injector-machine TREZO 1000 TURBO Electric cigarette injector-machine TREZO 1000 TURBO



11000 KM


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Automatic injector for cigarette tubes. Just add tobacco and tubes.

Continuous technical development and experience in the design and construction of machines have resulted in the creation of a new model for the cigarette production machine of TREZO 1000 series. The Turbo version of the machine allows the production of cigarettes with a speed of 120 pieces per minute!
In addition, the machine has been enriched with the function of tobacco fine and dust removal. The blowing removes the excess tobacco that has accumulated in the process of tamping and inserting in the paper core..

The TREZO 1000 TURBO machine is equipped with a feeder belt and a mechanism that evenly distributes and compacts the tobacco in the feeder. Smooth regulation of the injection speed and hardness allows for the use of various types of tobacco. The cigarette tubes are filled by a piston, which keeps the weight of the tobacco even throughout the cigarette. High quality construction materials make the machine reliable and economical, while also being quiet and efficient.

TREZO 1000 TURBO is the fastest cigarette making machine for this price category!

Technical data:

- injection speed 45-120 cigarettes / minute
- for injecting tubes with a diameter of 8 mm, with adjustable filter length 15-25 mm
- free-standing device
- 230V power supply
- designed for tobacco with a moisture content of 14-16%
- made in Poland (European Union)

The products are covered by the manufacturer's guarantee – Trezo Sp. z o.o. We provide servicing and continuous access to spare and consumable parts.


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