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 It's a good idea for you to ask a professional for a second opinion about any materials in the artwork you're looking at.

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 Don't: Confuse the original painting by using the term "hand-painted giclee"

 Giclees are reproductions of original artwork. A hand-painted print of a giclee is not going to be as valuable as an original painting.

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 It is important to carefully read the small print before buying, especially if your only option is to see the art online.

 Do: Perform the highest level of due diligence possible on the artist and/or seller

 The appearance of a person can be misleading -- especially in the world of art. Recent instances of fraud in the art world have been reported by numerous prominent individuals. In these cases the dealer appeared to be trustworthy and was able to obtain fraudulently artwork.

 Collectors of encumbered art can earn thousands, or even millions of dollars.

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 The risk of purchasing artwork from a reputable gallery or auction house can be reduced to some extent, but even the most reputable galleries could be abused by unscrupulous people.

 Professional organizations such the Art Dealers Association of America have strict guidelines for ethics.

 Gallery or dealer memberships in these organizations can often be considered to be a relatively secure option.

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 Do your homework, Be alert to red flags such as refusal to provide proof documentation or refusal to visit the property in person.

 artwork in question.

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